iPhone device to help diabetics

DIABETICS can now connect a blood-glucose reader into their iPhone which is able to read their blood and send the results to their doctor.
The device, launched in Australia today, costs $99 for the meter that clips into the charger area, while an app also needs to be downloaded onto the phone.
According to figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, more than one million Australians have diabetes, a disease where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body is unable to effectively use insulin.
Because insulin regulates blood glucose concentrations, diabetics need to measure their blood glucose levels up to six times a day, which if too high or low can lead to complications and further disease.
The chief executive of Diabetes Australia, Lewis Kaplan, said while the device would be a good option for some people, it was not necessarily "better" than other, less expensive devices on the market.
"There are lots of different blood glucose meters now available that suit different people and their lifestyles," Mr Kaplan said.
"If people are attached to their iPhone then this will be an attractive option for them, but some people want something with a bigger screen as their eyesight might not be as good or are happy with what they're used to."
The device, called the iBGStar, works by reading a blood glucose strip with a small sample of blood on it.
"Anything that encourages someone with diabetes to test as regularly as their clinician wants them to is good and the easier it makes it, the better," Mr Kaplan said.
The device meets international standards for glucose testing and can be purchased from pharmacies, while the app is bought from the iTunes App Store.

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